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Advanced Training Workshop for Soil Evaluators and LSP

Reading Different New England Landscapes #1400
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An important and essential skill for Soil Evaluators is to be able to interpret the landscape and assess the underlying soil/geologic conditions before digging the deep holes. Identifying the different landforms and understanding the geologic processes (glaciers, rivers, marine, wind, etc.) that formed the underlying sediments is key. With this knowledge one can visualize the landscape in a three dimensional perspective, alerting the evaluator to underling restrictive layers, presence of silt and clay, potential for a high water table, altered/disturbed soil conditions, etc.

Soil Field Skills Workshop for LSPs Describing, Documenting and Interpreting Soil Conditions in the Field
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This workshop is currently being reviewed by the LSP Board for approval as technical workshop of continuing education units. If approved, this workshop will be offered in different regions of the State.

Create a foundation of knowledge in Soil Science and develop field skills needed by an LSP for assessing, documenting, and interpreting the soil conditions for hazardous materials assessment.


LSP Workshop Schedule

Please check Soil Evaluator Refresher Workshops. These have dual LSP, SE, and SI credits.